Jordanhill Bowling Club

About our club

Lawn Bowls can trace its history back hundreds of years.

In 1864 the modern sport of lawn bowls was invented in Scotland by William Wallace Mitchell (1803–1884), a Glasgow cotton merchant, when he published his "Manual of Bowls Playing" which became the basis of the rules of the modern game. Young Mitchell was only 11 when he played on Kilmarnock Bowling green, the oldest club in Scotland, instituted in 1740.

The popularity of the game exploded across the world and us Scots excelled, becoming and remaining world beaters a long time before we got good at tennis.

The Laws of the Sport of Bowls can be viewed here.

Founded in 1899 our bowling club has been providing the facilities for members to play the sport of lawn bowls for well over one hundred years.

There has been a bowling green at Randolph Road since 1899. Back then the older part of Broomhill already had a bowling club predictably named Broomhill Bowling Club so the name Jordanhill Bowling Club was chosen.

Today 118 years on we are still playing in a number of highly competitive leagues and competitions and numerous internal club competitions and friendly games which has seen us pitched against Scottish Champions.

Our sport has no age or ability barriers. If you are competitive and want to win trophies and titles, or just fancy the odd game on a sunny Sunday afternoon, there really is something for everybody.

You may just wish to relax at the bar in the club house (which has just been refurbished) and be an arm chair bowler. (All clubs have world class arm chair bowlers!)

All you have to do is walk through the gate and say hello. I look forward to meeting you.

John (President 2017)