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Robert Barr

Scottish Disability Sport recently announced a team of twenty seven bowlers, directors and coaches that will compete in the upcoming Home Nations International in Newport Wales from Friday 21st April to Sunday 23rd April. The event is one of two Home Nation international fixtures in 2017, with preparations for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018 starting to gather pace.

The best of Scotland’s para bowlers will compete against the leading players from England and Wales, to be crowned champions. In addition, the event serves as an opportunity for coaches and selectors to try differing combinations and analyse team and individual performances against top level opposition. Furthermore, it will allow the squad the opportunity for much needed team building, as several new players and coaches will be involved.

Commenting on the team selection, SDS Performance Manager Gary Fraser said: “SDS are delighted to announce a strong team of players to represent Scotland at this Event and having been involved in the programme over the past 6 months, it will be great to see the players compete at this level. It is an exciting time within the sport as we head into a busy competition period.”

Performances at this event will go a long way in determining who will be selected for the Multi Nation Event and Training Camp in Broadbeach, Australia in May. This event has a major significance on our programme as it contributes to qualifying the nation for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

President John McMonagle is delighted to advise Robert Barr, a member of our club, is included within this selection as a player. Congratulations, Robert!

Opening of the green - 2017

On Saturday 8th April the members and guests of Jordanhill Bowling Club gathered under clear blue skies and warm spring sunshine. (I know you couldn’t make it up)

President John McMonagle welcomed everyone to the 118th year of the club and the ceremony of Opening the Green took place with some words of thanks to Honorary President Bob Sloan (in his 47th year at the club), Vice President William Paterson, Club Secretary Dudley Brotchie and Treasurer Brian Millward.

Thanks and good wishes were also given to the many guests who attended from numerous other clubs, Hyndland, Partickhill, Westerton, Victoria Park, Killermont, Shawlands, Partick, Crookston, Mearns, Yarrow and one guest of the President, Mr Matt Simpson who in addition to being a member of Shawlands Bowling Club was also a member of Birkenhead Bowling Club in New Zealand and had been a friend of the president for over 30 years.

The President also introduced Mr and Mrs McKee members of Mearns Bowling Club and their son Craig McKee and explained they had been responsible for introducing him to the sport back in 1984 when members at Shawlands Bowling Club. Also present were Alan Duffy and his wife Carol, members of Crookston Bowling Club, who were all school friends of the president and had been junior members together back in the day!

Then it was down to the bowling. The silver jack was delivered by the president’s daughter Orla, herself a member of the clubs junior section. Then a forehand bowl which stopped 2ft short in front of the jack to much approval from those watching, then a backhand delivery which came to rest a wee yard short. Comments from the clubhouse of “the green will be heavy” and “that’s not a bad bool there” confirmed that Orla had done her job and she declared the green open for play to much applause.

Mr Jim Lindup then sorted out the bowlers into teams with the efficiency of an army general and the traditional Presidents v Vice Presidents game took place. For the record 12 ends, VP’s jack and 1 shot at the 1st end.

Due to the warm weather the president made the decision that frequent visits into the club during the game for refreshments was advisable. This proved to be a popular instruction.

The green was in excellent condition and players commented it was running well and there were draws to be had. After the game (I’ll get to the score) the newly refurbished clubhouse was put to good use and food was served. The Grand National sweep was won by JJ Simpson with Mr Graham Pollock taking a nice wee 2nd prize. The club raffle took place with the assistance of the VP and Mrs Agnes Arthur from the ladies section. A generous donation of prizes and sale of tickets made for a successful raffle.

The President then read out the scores rink by rink. Highest up prizes were awarded and the Vice President was able to claim overall victory with a 5 shot lead. The President declared the score was not important while the Vice President rolled his eyes and put his head in his hands.

Members and guests then sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the remainder of the day and everyone agreed the season had got off to a great start.